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“Hello,” she said in a voice so husky it could pull a dogsled.

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ArmsTempe, AZ2013


Tempe, AZ

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Christian Patterson - Redheaded Peckerwood (2005-11)

“A series with a tragic underlying narrative – the story of 19-year-old Charles Starkweather and 14-year-old Caril Ann Fugate who murdered ten people, including Fugate’s family, during a three-day killing spree across Nebraska to the point of their capture in Douglas, Wyoming.

The images record places and things central to the story, depict ideas inspired by it, and capture other moments and discoveries along the way.

From a technical perspective, the photographs incorporate and reference the techniques of photojournalism, forensic photography, image appropriation, reenactment and documentary landscape photography. On a conceptual level, they deal with a charged landscape and play with a photographic representation and truth as the work deconstructs a pre-existing narrative.”

1. The Press

2. Charlie’s Bloody Ear

3. Caril Ann

4. You Can’t Run from Anything

5. Oil Spill

6. Shit from Shinola

7. Bloody Snow

8. Death Figure

9. Jackknife

10. Falling Flowers

ok trying to end pity party 2012/2013 


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